Project Biodiversity Badges

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Year 2 were so motivated by learning about plastic pollution and the affect it can have on sea creatures they decided they wanted to make a difference by choosing a charity to support. After a little research we found a charity called Project Biodiversity which is based in Sal, Cape Verde and protects sea turtles and helps them to lay their eggs safely as well as cleaning the beaches and helping the new hatchlings safely reach the sea.
The children designed and made badges about saving the turtles and reducing single use plastic. They included phrases such as “Keep the sea plastic free” and “say no to single use plastics”. We sold these badges on the KS1 playground and raised a whopping £48!
With this money we adopted 2 turtles. We got to choose their name and date of birth! We are now proud parents to “Swimmy Canary junior” born on 22/6/21 and “Rose Yellowhammer” born on 24/6/21. We are awaiting our official photos of their arrival and our certificates and are very excited!