Pupil Governors

Strength lies in differences not similaritiesOur Pupil Governors play an important role in our school.

We follow and promote the core British Value of democracy which means that, at the start of each year, we hold a whole school election. Each and every class is able to propose candidates. Every candidate has an opportunity to campaign and outline their manifesto for what they will bring to the children's governing body.

The elected Council (2 members from each yeargroup and 2 in Y6 ) meet regularly through each term sharing ideas collected from their class with an aim to improve our school. The staff representative on the council encourages the Pupil Governors to feedback any ideas to our school senior leadership team, the school governors and the rest of the school through assembly.

Y2: Yellowhammers – Poppy Brown; Canaries – Leo Whilde

Yr 3: Green Jays - Mason Mc; Parakeets - Oliver M

Y4: Kingfishers - Scarlett Culley; Macaws – Sam G

Y5: Mockingbirds - Jay VR and Ella C; Peacocks -  Josh Tootill

Y6 : Sabrewings -Zoe and Saswath ; Sunbirds- Jess and Jacob SH


Many ideas from the School Council have been used and are very popular and/or helpful – and as a result our outside grounds continue to get better.

Why not think about putting yourself forward to become a Pupil Governor?