Celebrating Achievement

Celebrating AchievementsWe want everyone to do the best that they can, to care for each other, to work together and to show us that they are keeping our Rainbow Promise.

At our Celebration Assembly we celebrate those children who are doing something great, working extra hard, being really kind or showing that they keep the Rainbow Promise daily at our school.

Our Year 6 children lead the Celebration Assembly and are very proud to hand out certificates, trophies and awards to celebrate the wonderful things that our children are accomplishing.

It is a very special time in our week!

Star Ambassadors Summer 2021

These children always show the Rainbow Promise and Owl Learning Behaviours.

Year Name of Child for Star Ambassador Name of Child for Reading Award
Reception Woodpeckers Florence J Noah W
Reception Robins Kaitlyn C Oliver R
1 Stonechats Isla S Selena N
1 Whinchats Oliver M Lyla L
2 Yellowhammers Kathleen H V Eloise L
2 Canaries Delilah G Sophia R
3 Parakeets Keerthana S Susie H
3 Greenjays Ishitha T Milla J
4 Macaws Elouise L Harrison K
4 Kingfishers Harry C Frankie Q
5 Mockingbirds Max E Roman N
5 Peacocks Isabella S Max N
6  Sabrewings Veronika N Charlotte P
6 Sunbirds Megan D Livvy O’Reilly
Mrs Deauville   Poppy H
Shelley / Imogen Emily G  
Mrs Robinson Abigail S  



Antibullying Ambassadors 2021

 We had 57 applicants for the role of antibullying ambassador which shows how passionate the children of Jennett's Park are when it comes to the values of the school and our rainbow promise.

From this we are pleased to announce that 22 children from Year 3 to 6 have been chosen for the role. They have demonstrated through their applications and interviews that they have the skills required to be understanding and caring students who can help with the conflicts of the playground. Their role will be to help support their fellow students to resolve conflict and to support those who find themselves without a playmate at breaktimes.


Introducing our ambassadors


Lexi O

Rupert S

Samuel W

Anna L



Niamh R

Yeswanth G

Ben A




Harrison K

Abi D

Jessica F



Seanveer S

Amelia M

Russell P

Sadie B



Nathan B

Becky P



Chloe G

Lucy A

Lewis C



Charlotte V

Georgia B