Our Rainbow Promise

Our Rainbow Promise underpins everything we do at school. Just as the Rainbow was a sign of God’s promise to Noah that from that moment God would enable Noah and the people of the earth to flourish and experience life in all its fullness. So as a school community we promise to do our best to enable all the pupils and adults of our school to flourish academically and professionally so that they might reach their potential.

The Rainbow is also a symbol of the diversity of our school community, but as a church school we recognise that we are all created and valued by God, and so as a school community we commit to care for and value each other.

The dove symbolises our need to persevere in some aspects of life as it is not always the first time we find success. It was not the first time that Noah had tried to find dry land and so we much seek strength within ourselves and from God to achieve.

These are our Values we try to live each day








Kindness & Joy

In this school we all swim together

Rainbow Feet

“A strength of this good school is 'The high profile of the ‘Rainbow Promise’ that impacts on the attitudes, behaviour and achievements of all children and enables teachers to provide an effective, enjoyable and successful learning environment.”

SIAMS October 2014