Passion project 2023

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passion project

passion project_EYFS


Everyone has a gift or talent. We have asked you to work on your own  ‘passion project’ over your May holidays.

This would be something that really interests you or a hobby that you take part in.  The project can take any form you choose and these are some ideas: a presentation, a performance, a scrapbook or a demonstration.  It would be great if you could share your interests with your class after the May holidays. You can of course keep working on it after the holidays.

It will help your teacher to get an idea of subjects that would make learning more interesting for you as an individual and how to identify your special gifts and talents.  This will give them an opportunity to help you develop your interests and strengths further.

It is really important for you and your learning that you complete this project, as it is an opportunity for you to share what interests you as an individual.

We hope you enjoy doing your passion project and look forward to you sharing it with us in June and July.