Year 6 athletics

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On 8th June 2023, 12 year six athletes: Alessia, Zach M, Angela, Zack C, Sadie B, Teddy, Ava, Nathan B, Nathan M, Emily L, Josh D and Emily G, competed in the     summer 2023 outdoor athletics competition.

We would like to congratulate the team for placing 7th out of 25 competing schools and for winning the relay final, altogether finishing with a total of 558 points.

Racing in the 80m sprint, was Alessia placing 3rd in her heat and Angela also placing 3rd. Josh D ended his heat in first place and Zach M finishing 3rd place. Now for the 600m pace, Ava placed 1st in her heat along with Emily L ending 4th. For the boys 600m, Teddy was 2nd in his heat with not long after Nathan B placing 5th. The 10 individuals that were in the relay accomplished 2nd in their heat.

The field events involved were: Long jump – Ava, Angela, Teddy and Nathan M, Shot put – Emily G and L, Zack C and Nathan B, Cricket ball throw- Alessia, Sadie, Josh D and Zach M.

The running events that took place were: 80m sprint,600m pace and the relays.

Fortunately, we got into the relay final and WON! As well as this, Josh D got into the fastest boys final and came 3rd.

The team would like to thank our coaches and peers for supporting and encouraging us through this memorable one in a lifetime experience.

Written by Alessia and Sadie B.