Rugby report

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U12s Girls Rugby Tour of Great Yarmouth
The first match was against the Babas which was a pretty easy game for us as we went in with a positivity. The tries kept on coming with the end result ​14-0. The second game was against the Eagles. It was much harder with most of our players tired but what made it worst was some of their tackles were missed timed and could have been judged as high to compound this thier players were not always respectful and showing the spirit of rugby. At half time, we were losing 4-0 but then we made our come back. We were weaving through their defence. We managed to tie it up, well that’s what we thought. We had the final results in and we had won! We were on track to winning the cup but our final match came against the wildcats was a must win. With confidence from the other two games, we started strongly – easily scoring but then they pulled back with one try. The score was tied. Then I gathered the ball, came in at a good angle, using all my final strength, I powered past their defence and finally got the ball over the line. It was the final score and enough to win the match and the tournament.
We then went to wait for the presentation, where Poppy Cleall (England and Saracens player) would be there. First went in the Babas – the valiant losers. Then the Wild cats and Eagles – runners-up. Then it was our turn to collect our medals and lift the trophy.   We had final celebration photos with Poppy. First we did it like usual but Poppy Cleall taught us a new song and it went like this “She’s got the trophy on her head. She’s got a trophy on her head.” Then we went to go celebrate at the club house and watch the 6 nations games.