Red Nose Day 2021

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Firstly I would like to say thank you for all of your support and generous donations! It is always amazing to see the Jennett’s Park Community coming together for such a fantastic cause. For Jennett’s Park, Comic Relief started on the Tuesday with a SkipAthon. It was amazing to see a range of pupils from all year groups get involved. We followed this up with a DanceAthon in which, again, the pupils were fully engaged and showing off a range of amazing dance moves!

On the Friday we had a day off the curriculum where the children had the opportunity to participate within a variety of activities and tasks, the highlight of the day for myself was seeing the pupils engage in the Superhero Olympics, this was an incredible event where everyone got to participate in a range of activities such as; the Wonder Woman Welly, The Flash Dash and The Black Panther Balance, etc. It was great to see all the year groups get involved with a smile on their face. I had so many children coming up to me throughout the day saying how much they enjoyed it. It was amazing to see a wide variety of fantastic outfits that the children and staff dressed up in.

As a school we managed to raise a total of £1,103.31, which exceeded our original target.  Once again a huge thank you  for your support and generosity, as without your support events like this would not be as successful.

Thank you,

Miss Knowles

Red Nose Day Fun!