Quiz Club Science

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On Tuesday the 30th of November, 2 teams from year 5 and 6 took part in the online area heat for the Science Quiz club.


Charlotte V, Harlow, Izzy and Maya were in team 1; Jenson, Mia, Russell and Henry were in team 2. The teams were chosen for having the highest scores in their class for the team selection quizzes.


We joined the Zoom call; we each had an iPad as our answer buzzer and proceeded through 5 rounds of questions.  For rounds 1-4, the questions started from being worth 20 points up to 100 points; for round 5, every question was worth 100 points.  After each round, the quiz master showed the scoreboard.  For the first round, out of 81 teams, we were placed 25th and 31st but as the rounds progressed and our nerves eased, our scores moved us to first and third place!  We were so thrilled and proud of our result and went to tell Mrs Savage and all the other classes.


Both teams progress to the next round in February and we will be receiving a plaque in recognition of team 1 winning the area heat. A huge well done to everyone on the teams!

By Charlotte V