PE Events Autumn

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Autumn Term Sport Events

Below is a table of the external sport events that Jennett’s Park hope to attend. These events are all dependent on staffing as well as weather conditions.

For all of the events below it will be a selection process, please understand that your child may not attend the event even if they are in the year group stated.

Thank you for your continued support with all events.

Megan Knowles

PE Lead


Date of the Event Year Group Type of Event
Wednesday 5th October 2022 Year 3/4

Cricket Skills


Tuesday 18th October 2022 Year 3/4

Rugby- Skills Session


Thursday 3rd November 2022 Year 5/6

Rugby Festival


Friday 11th November 2022 Year 4/5/6

Cross Country


Tuesday 6th December 2022 Mixed

Carousel of Activities