ABA at Jennett’s PArk

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Anti–Bullying Ambassadors


We’ve been thinking about respect in our role as Anti-Bullying Ambassadors (ABAs).

As ABAs we’re committed to making sure every single pupil of JP is listened to, cared for and treated with kindness. We want to remind you that no one should feel alone and to talk to your friends, teachers, or to us.

For those new to school in Reception and Nursery, we will be      coming by to say hello to you next half term. We loved being there for you in the gazebo during the summer term so after half term we will have some ABAs in the ICT room every Tuesday lunch time if you would like to talk to someone and we can see if we can help or find someone who can.

We would also like to talk to you about judging people before you get to know them. We have chosen to look closely at gender and sex-based discrimination this year. This is where people are unfairly treated because of who they are or because they are in a certain group of people – like being a girl or boy or a man or woman.

With this in mind we would like to launch a poster competition! Can you create a poster (hand drawn or emailed to secretary@) about treating each fairly, especially busting common ideas about girls and boys?! We will  laminate and display your posters and one lucky winner from EYFS/KS1 and KS2 will win a ‘crafty’ prize to be chosen by you!

We hope you enjoyed your first half term, The ABAs team!