World of Work Week

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From the 13th to the 17th of June, we are planning a world of work week across the school.  We are hoping this will be an exciting week of activities to enhance the children’s understanding of the world of work, the skills and challenges involved and to inspire their aspirations. We would love to have some volunteers come in to share insights into their jobs; to help children see the variety of possibilities their futures could hold.
If you would be happy to come in and talk to classes across the school, please fill in this form to give us more information and we’ll be in touch
As part of this week, we will also be welcoming back The Happy Puzzle Company to lead problem solving and collaborative challenges across two days of workshops.

World of Work week


This week we have had many people come in and talk to us about their jobs. So far, we have been visited by Mr. White, a 3rd assistant director from the TV and film industry. Then a visit from Mr. Tootill who works with Amazon Prime Video, he specialised in coding. Once we were visited by them, we had Mr. Marlow who works in HR and finance. Lots of us found his job quite fascinating.


On Thursday we had two visits, one by Mr. Simpkins and another by Mr. Gibson. Mr. Simpkins worked in Heathrow Airport as a Project Manager, unfortunately due to Covid-19 he had to resign and now works at Pinewood Studios. Though he is looking forward to return to the airport once again! Mr. Gibson explained to us that he is a Penetration Testing Service Delivery Manager and that he checks that the Penetration Testers are doing their work correctly.


On Friday morning, we had a visit by a wonderful lady called Ms. Griot who told us about her job as a scientist. She helps to design and help with the chemicals that go onto crops so that they don’t die and we can enjoy our food safely.  This was followed by an inspiring talk from Mrs Cole.  She discussed her role in sales and how her company helps transition people into new jobs – it was fascinating to hear.  Reception, year 4 and Year 5 were visited by Cpl Ward, a soldier from the British Army, to discuss his role as an armourer.


These visitors have inspired us to work harder and live life in all its fullness


By Serena J, Charlotte V and Harleyne R.