Hello Yellow Day

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One of our highly delightful mums has sourced these masks for us.    We love this funky idea for you to help support the charity directly. As you might have spotted I like a mask!

The masks will be £7 with £1 of that going to the   charity.
They will be the dark grey, 3 ply mask with adjustable straps and metal moulding wired nose. All washable at 60°c. She's done an order tonight, so they will hopefully be with us to begin working on by the end of the week. If you would like one please email     address of info@statementstitches.co.uk directly

What a fabulous and caring community you are.


Face Masks

Yellow Day 4

Yellow Day 4

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In Kingfishers we've been thinking about being positive and how to stay happy.  Our literacy lesson was writing poems and here's a couple I'd like to share to help your Hello Yellow day smiles.

From Frankie B

As warm as tea and chocolatey

Not chocolate cake 

And not chocolate milkshake

But hot chocolate

Every day is a new day

One might be happy

One might be sad

But every day is different


From Iyla K

One petal is sad

One petal is happiness

Sadness flies away

Now all you have to focus on

Is if you are happy

Once you find your peace

You will be happy


And one from Mrs Venediktou

Hello Yellow Day made me smile

Seeing all the kids in their yellow style

Thinking about life with an outlook positive

Is that important? Absolutely of course it is


Rupert bear dresses and teaching bananas

Turns us into a school of total Pollyannas

It's important to always look for a bright side

To ensure we stay healthy on the inside


So remember that there's always someone with an ear

To listen to a problem or chase away a fear

If inspiration fails, think about making yourself proud

By being a rainbow in somebody else's cloud