Drone Rules

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Jennett’s Park were very lucky when we all got to meet Will and Bry from TDR (The Drone Rules)  and listen to their fascinating stories about drones. They were able to teach us about how Will has been involved in piloting and coding  drones across the Uk and how Bry has written a series of books about a drone called Ruby Rescue.


Ruby Rescue is a book where Will programs a drone to fight fire but Ruby is afraid of fire and, on her first day at the fire station, Ruby gets a call that a library is on fire. When she comes to save the people, she gets scared. Will arrives to see why and Ruby explains she can’t. But when Ruby hears that a child was in the library, she builds the courage to save the girl and the day. The books are now on our shopping list.

Each class from Year 2 to Year 6 experienced a drone workshop. During these sessions, we discussed how Drones help in society and across the world. We also considered the future uses for drones. Then we got to pilot a drone and take part in a drone relay race. Thankfully no drones were harmed.

The 3 days began and finished with Will piloting a outside. He wrote letters in the sky and we saw that the drone could go 200m into the sky. He finished with a flyby. The final assembly was in the hall and we were told about radio waves and then some children used the Jedi force to fly drones over our heads. It was a truly inspirational 3 days. We learnt lots and we can see future jobs for us. We can’t wait to have them back and code a drone light show and see Ruby Rescue on the big screen. Thank you TDR (Will and Bry), thank you Mrs Savage and Mr Page  for organising this and thank you parents for contributing to the cost it was worth every Penny.


For further videos please visit the Year 6 blog on Seesaw. By Leo (Year 6, Sabrewings)