Diana Awards

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Diana Antibullying Awards

The ABAs are so pleased to announce we have been given not one, but two awards! Our application for a Respect Badge has been approved and they were so impressed with us that we also submitted an application for the Wellbeing badge which has also been approved! This ‘demonstrates a school’s commitment to anti-bullying and should be worn with pride’. This underpins all we have been trying to achieve this year and makes us so excited to make Jennett’s Park the best it can be.



Respect Badge Certificate Wellbeing Badge Certificate


The Diana Award said in relation to our work on respect:

You are being awarded the Anti-Bullying Ambassador Respect Badge because you have shown:

  1. Your commitment to building an inclusive environment by reviewing your Antibullying Policy.
  2. Your successful Friendship week, focusing on respect.
  3. Your dedication to ensuring different year groups can mix and have older peers they can confide in.
  4. Your determination to tackle sexist bullying, as demonstrated in your new policy and posters.
  5. Your dedication to diversifying your school’s library and reading these inclusive books during Friendship week.

You are being awarded the Anti-Bullying Ambassador Wellbeing Badge because you have shown:

  1. Your creativity by engaging the whole school in a range of exciting Feel Good Friday events.
  2. Your commitment to sharing messages of kindness by taking part in The Diana Award’s Positive Postbox Campaign.
  3. Your dedication to providing opportunities to practice wellbeing in school by running Mindfulness Workshops.
  4. Your commitment to spreading positivity and raising money for a good cause by holding a “Wear Yellow Day” for the charity Young Minds.
  5. Your commitment to refocusing student’s attention to wellbeing in the new year by running activities and delivering a whole school survey to gather opinions of bullying behaviour.