World Book Day 2022

To celebrate World Book Day, the children had the option to dress in costume as their favourite book character and wow, did our pupils make an effort! We were spoilt for choice for characters t: Hermione, the Beast, Thing 1 and Thing 2, a clock, and even a couple of dinosaurs all came to school, amongst many other fabulous costumes!

Our World Book Day this year was based around the book, The Invisible, by Tom Percival, which has a strong theme of belonging running through the text, which closely links to our Jennett’s Park Values.

Each class chose activities linked to this book, such as acting out key scenes from the book; creating a belonging tapestry; participating in a reading hunt, creating posters about their favourite books, and discussions about what we are grateful for, and how the main character in the book, Isabel must have felt during this time.

Linking to our love of books, there is still time to participate in our Sponsored Read: your child can complete the sponsorship reading record to include the reading they did this week, and still has time to gather their sponsors. The child that reads the most in each phase, wins a prize!

We would love every child to take part and help raise funds for brand new books for our school. We have a goal of £600 and if we achieve this, Usborne will give us an additional £360 worth of books completely free!  All your child needs to do is read as much as they can between 28th February and 6th March, and record it using the  below form


RSR Parent Pack ELP January 22.