Wellbeing Award

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The Wellbeing Award was achieved today  by JPCE

We are delighted to announce we have achieved the Wellbeing award.

Read the full report here

Jennett’s Park School WAS Final Verification report 10th March 22

Wellbeing surveys over time.


JPCE Wellbeing policy 2022 v2


There are four key principles driving the ideas and recommendations behind our award:

  1. Emotional wellbeing and mental health are a continuum. Related issues can range from positive attitudes and behaviour, through to experiences of emotional distress and mental disorder.

  2. Schools already experience and manage emotional issues on a daily basis; the objective is to minimise the impact of such issues and maximise the effectiveness of any responses.

  3. Emotional wellbeing covers a range of dimensions, such as resilience, character building, relationships and self-esteem, etc. Understanding both developmental and mental health awareness is critical.

  4. Creating a positive school culture requires a whole-school approach that is led from the top while involving all in the school community.