2022-23 Trips and Visits

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Jennett’s Park CE Trips and Activities 2022-23


Dear Parents and Carers,

As you know trips and experiences are vital for all children in school. They aren’t just enjoyable extras they provide real life experiences for all. Please find attached our reviewed EVC (Educational Visits Curriculum) Policy

We plan a significant amount of both whole school and year group experiences that align with the curriculum.

Trip donations are voluntary. Our budgets are incredibly tight and we must break even on trips.

We have for the past two years tried to simplify the trips and visits approach at JPCE. We consolidated all the small payments for experiences into one yearly contribution. Whilst we have been pleased with this approach we know it caused some stress to others. We will revert as already explained to pay per trip for this year which again has drawbacks.

We have this last year paid for the majority of trips, experiences and visitors on a whole school basis using our Pupil Premium, Sports Premium and Recovery funds. On return to wider schooling we diveredt significant funds to these but there is no additional Recovery funds from government.

Our cut off limit for donations is set at 95% before we cancel the planned Year group activity.

There are some additional items that fall outside of the year group events. Additional items such as Residentials, swimming and musical instruments are also listed as separate to this. Those eligible for current benefits are able to apply to the school for funding and others may be granted assistance for help only in exceptional circumstances. This is not available for class items.

As mentioned we do our best to divert funds from Sports Premium and Pupil Premium as much as possible but your supporting of our PTA or via clubs and wraparound care is vital. We set a 95% donation but those who are on Pupil Premium do not need to pay unless they feel they can make a donation. There is no spare pot of money sadly.

Last year we had many anonymous donors come forward to subsidise with amounts of funding to help the year group. If you feel you could help please contact the office and our finance team will assist you. See our full plan here.

Thank you for your understanding and support in this. If you have any suggestions for fundraising please email to secretary@


Jennett’s Park CE Trips and Activities – Approximate costings
Whole school Contributions- all subsidised as much as possible with other funds. Approximate
Arts Week £3
International Week – cookery and Workshops £5
Black History Month £2
Antibullying £3
M & M Theatre x 2 £5
Felt making WS £2
Skipping Workshop £2
Diwali Workshop £1
World Book day £3
Grand Day in £3
Happy Puzzle £3





Possible Trips & Experiences Planning Approximate costings
Year N Millers Ark £9
Theatre Visit eg dinosaurs £8
Eggs £2
Author £3
Cookery & consumables £8
Year R
External Visit eg Wellington Country Park £16
Theatre Visit eg dinosaurs £8
Eggs £2
Author £3
Cookery & consumables £5
Year 1
Look Out or Toy Museum or alternative £16
Eggs £2
Theatre Visit eg dinosaurs £8
Pirate Day £8
Author £3
Year 2 Great Fire of London in school visit from the local fire brigade £0
Windsor or alternative £16
Theatre Visit e.g. dinosaurs £8
Themed day £8
Author £3


Year 3
Theatre visit e.g. Stone age £8
Butser Ancient Farm or alternative £18
The Living Rainforest or alternative £18
Author £3
Year 4
External trip £25
South Hill Park £5
Roman Day £8
Author £3
Sleepover £10
Year 5
Tommy’s Trenches WW1 Experience £8
Canopic Jars £8
Planetarium £7
Author £3
Residential details tbc tbc
£26 + residential cost
Year 6


Glass mosaics

Oxford museum external trip




Wintershall £25.00
Wellington College or Reading trip £5
Author £3
Residential (4 nights, 5 days) Cost set with provider approx. £350
Year 5 Additional Swimming- travel £20
Y4/5/6 Bikeability- Optional Approx. £10
Y4 Residential- Optional £10
Y5 Residential- Optional tbc
Y6 Residential- Optional £353