Quiz Selection

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On Thursday the 24th of June, we took part in the national final of the Year 6 General Knowledge Quiz Club.  We were thrilled to have this amazing opportunity, knowing that over 1000 schools had taken part in virtual heats across the country and 22 teams had successfully progressed to the final.
We received a variety of multiple-choice questions such as: maths, history, science, geography and grammar.  We all had our own specialist topics and worked together as a team.  Our last question was based on a painting by Georges Seurat – the artist we studied for our Take One Picture week.
One of the maths questions was:
If A = 4, B = 12 and C = 22, calculate C – A x B.  However, the question did not follow the rule of BIDMAS and none of the answers shown were correct.
Originally, we were awarded 3rd place but when we asked them about the maths question and told them what the answer should have been, our score was recalculated and we finished in joint 1st place!
Demi, Freddie, Josh and Sophie