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Mosaic Work for St Frances and St Clare Altar

We were given a new alter. It is beautiful and we will enhance it’s design by inviting in an artist for 4 days work with all the children on 3 interconnected panels.

Andrew Wynne came in to make mosaics for our altar with children. These were his 4 final designs.

Mosaic– our finished pieces

We used tiles – it was really good fun! Shanaya

My favourite part was sticking the last tile on, and we got really sticky hands. Madelyn

I found it really relaxing. Rose ‘It was lots of fun because we got to put tiny square onto tiny holes’ – Levi

‘The man was so nice and helpful. He helped us to do it so carefully.’ – Elsie

‘It was so colourful.’ – Jack

‘I liked that it was so delicate and you had to put the bit in the correct place so carefully.’ – Charlie