Friendship week 2023

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Friendship Week 2023

Last week was JP’s annual Friendship Week. It’s a week to really make the Rainbow values shine and to specifically tackle themes of love, respect, negotiation, belonging, empathy, challenging discrimination, facing your feelings and bullying.

Across the school we focussed and based our PSHEC sessions on ‘Can I Play?’ by Nicola Kinnear, ‘Let’s Stick Together’ by Smriti Halls, ‘Bottled’ by Tom Brassington and ‘The Barnabus Project’ by Terry Fan. We all read ‘Bottled’ to help us recognise not to bottle up our feelings and to know what to do if you think your bottle is over-filling. We also considered just how many emotions we experience within an hour, day or week and how our day to day relationships with each other can alter how we would react to things.

On our Be a Buddy Day, every class discussed what it is to be an upstander – someone who doesn’t bystand and just watch someone feel uncomfortable or hurt by the actions of others whether it is online, in person physically or verbally. Every child Nursery to Year 6 pledged to be an upstander by creating their own uniquely-decorated bottle.