Black History Month 2022

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We have been celebrating Black History Month:

In Nursery, we used these four books to read about one exceptional black person, each day,  who has changed the world. Here are two examples – Katherine Johnson who worked for NASA and inspired Nursery to become rockets – we loved singing the ‘Blast Off!’ song and Alma Thomas, a teacher and painter, who loved colour and inspired Nursery to create a large-scale art rainbow.


In Reception we read ‘Handa’s Surprise’ by Eileen Brown when we were learning about Harvest. We compared the fruits that Handa wants to give to Akeyo to fruits we see growing in the UK. We also thought about our Learning Owl and not giving up when we discussed Marcus Rashford, a black footballer who campaigned to the Government so that children would not go hungry during the school holidays and lockdowns. During our tidy-up times, we also listened to a variety of African music, including Shosholoza! Which we love dancing to!,vid:7jYdtRTlvgQ 

In year 1

In Year 1, we read the Little People, Big Dreams books about Stevie Wonder and Muhammad Ali.  These books sparked great discussions about not only their musical and sporting achievements, but their contribution to the rights of the black community.


In Year 2

In class we spoke about Harriet Tubman. The children found it really interesting and found her story very inspirational. We read the book explaining how Harriet was born into slavery and had to stay strong and be very brave to escape on the Underground Railroad. We were able to do role play and discuss the feelings and emotions Harriet must have felt during her journey.



Year 5 have been learning about the hidden figures and created a biography of Katherine Johnson.


Year 6 did pieces of artwork to share their passion for equal rights