We love reading at JPCE!

Our aim is to grow a community of enthusiastic readers! As you enter our school, one of the first spaces you see is our well-stocked library where children are encouraged to discover and explore the range of books on offer! Classes visit the library at least once a week to encourage their own choice and allow time to read for pleasure.

Reading Book Bands: 

The Big Cat Book bands are set at a level to challenge and excite each child within their reading, and to further deepen their comprehension, accuracy and fluency. Consequently, the new reading bands may not always equate directly to the old reading bands, so you may find that your child receives a book that looks like a lower book band or is that your child is no longer a free reader.


Due to the Read, Write Inc scheme and the way phonics is delivered in this programme, you may find that your child stays on the phonics books for longer and some may still be reading the Read Write Inc books within Lower Key Stage 2. This is to solidify the foundations of reading, so that the children can fully utilise the spotlights taught when reading phonetically to help them engage with their book. The intention here is to provide each child with a solid start to their reading journey, and some may need more consolidation, which we will endeavour to provide.

Reading Expectations: 

Year 1 will continue to use their reading records and will be expected to read their book bag books with the children at least 4 x week for 15 minutes. Library books can of course be enjoyed with the children, but these should be in addition.

In Key Stage 2,  we have revised the format for reading at home, as we were aware that answering and recording reading every day in their records had begun to impact the enjoyment of reading for some pupils, so we do hope this new format keeps things fresh and exciting.

We expect pupils in KS2 to be reading 4 x week for a minimum of 15 minutes each time. Children should be reading their book-banded books for this. However:

  • We will no longer be using reading record books in Year 4 and above.

We encourage children to read aloud with an adult, but we understand that as the children get older, they increase in their independence, so may not wish to do this as often. With this in mind, we would like the children to read with an adult at least once a week.

In addition to this, please do read library books with your children.  We recommend the children read their book-banded book, and one book of their own choice, for pleasure- such as a library book.

Thanks so much for your ongoing support, and we look forward to seeing the children's responses.



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Get Epic!

We know that reading at home, and getting access to books, can be tricky at times, let alone in these circumstances. Consequently, we have signed each class up to, which has a range of free books available for the children to read online. This is available on the computer, or via an app for phones or tablets.

Between the hours of 9am-4pm the children can read as much as they like, for free! Beyond this time, they can read for up to two hours, at no cost.

There are a range of books, from stories, to non-fiction, to poetry, read-alouds, audio-books and even books in other languages so you can practise your French and Spanish!

You can also search for the books by age, to help your child continue selecting challenging books- which should be a text that has about 2-3 words on each page that the child doesn't know. Within these books, your child can click on the word that they don't understand and it will explain the meaning!

To access this resource, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to  or download the epic! app 
  2. Enter class code - will be sent to you via Seesaw and tapestry
  3. Select your child's name

Year Group Reading Pages


Younger readers – Decoding texts

Four our children who are in the early stages of learning to read, we follow the Oxford Reading Tree and Read Write Inc schemes. These books and schemes allow the children to focus on decoding the words to read aloud and then the sentences for understanding. As decoding skills progress, the children will learn the mechanics of reading, explore texts, infer information from the text and deduce why characters behave a certain way within a story.

Here are some Picture Book Suggestions our early readers may enjoy.