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Book Fair


The Scholastic Book Fair is arriving on June 22nd- June 29th.

Due to the success of last time, we will be holding it in school hours, with children being escorted to the book fair with teachers again.


Tournament Fields Scholastic Parent Order Form June 21


Tournament Fields Scholastic Parent Order Form June 21

Get Epic!

We know that reading at home, and getting access to books, can be tricky at times, let alone in these circumstances. Consequently, we have signed each class up to, which has a range of free books available for the children to read online. This is available on the computer, or via an app for phones or tablets.

Between the hours of 9am-4pm the children can read as much as they like, for free! Beyond this time, they can read for up to two hours, at no cost.

There are a range of books, from stories, to non-fiction, to poetry, read-alouds, audio-books and even books in other languages so you can practise your French and Spanish!

You can also search for the books by age, to help your child continue selecting challenging books- which should be a text that has about 2-3 words on each page that the child doesn't know. Within these books, your child can click on the word that they don't understand and it will explain the meaning!

To access this resource, all you need to do is:

  1. Go to  or download the epic! app 
  2. Enter class code - will be sent to you via Seesaw and tapestry
  3. Select your child's name